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Reservations are no longer required to visit these US National Parks

As the hectic summer season winds down, several national parks have lifted reservation restrictions, making it simpler to visit popular places around the country.


Parks that developed reservation systems to curb summer crowds have since mostly abandoned them. Fortunately, fall and winter continue to be some of the greatest times to visit America’s national parks to view breathtaking fall foliage and beautiful winter wonderland landscapes.


As it turns out, Paste magazine published a list of the top national parks in America this week, compiled by a guy who has visited half of them. In his list of 20 parks, Blake Snow puts Yosemite first, adding, “Nothing I’ve ever seen has ever made me feel so little, so vulnerable, so on edge.” The Alps, not so much. No, not Patagonia. The Grand Canyon, not so much. Glacier Point has the greatest vista in all of America.”


It should be noted that Yosemite still charges a $35 per car admission fee, and the present access to Glacier Point, with its amazing vistas of Half Dome and Yosemite Falls, is through a hard hike. But isn’t that what you’re looking for, an adventure?


Here are the top 10 National Parks


Yosemite, California                                       Zion, Utah

Bryce Canyon, Utah                                        Arches, Utah

Canyonlands, Utah                                         Saguaro, Arizona

Glacier, Montana                                            Grand Canyon, Arizona

Yellowstone, Wyoming (mostly)                  Redwood, California


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