Moore Park

Occupying over 450 acres, Moore Park is the biggest city park in Klamath Falls and is full of nature-loving fun.

Klamath County Museums

Three museums devoted to the rich history of the Upper Klamath Basin are run by Klamath County.

Baldwin Hotel Museum

Since practically every room in the hotel is connected to one another, it is possible to hire a single room or an entire floor depending on the situation.

The Favell Museum

Numerous items from aboriginal cultures in North and South America are on display, together with works of Western art.

Lake Ewauna

This large body of water provides a lovely background for the city as well as enjoyable coastal walks.

Hagelstein Park

On Highway 97, 10 miles north of Klamath Falls is Hagelstein Park. Camping is permitted in this free park, which also offers swimming, fishing, and grass.

Link River Trail

The Link River Trail is an excellent location for birdwatching because it meets the needs of various waterfowl for food, shelter, water, and places to nest.

Klamath Fish Hatchery

The hatchery is renowned for producing cutthroat trout, brown trout, fingerling rainbow trout, and rainbow trout that are legal and trophy-sized.

The Children’s Museum of Klamath Falls

Creating an interactive children's museum for the Klamath Basin is the mission of the Children's Museum of Klamath Falls, a nonprofit organization.

The Klamath Art Gallery

More than 46,000 acres of land make up the Lava Beds National Monument, a protected area in the northeastern region of the US state of California.