Applegate Lake

The lake is stunning, astonishingly clean, and ideal for fishing, paddle boarding, swimming, or simply relaxing while taking in the scenery.

Medford Railroad Park

This park is enjoyable and well-designed. It is a small area with a few acres of miniature train rides and historical relics.

DANCIN Vineyards

Wine and romance have long been associated with one another. It is only natural that a love tale served as the inspiration for the founding of DANCIN Vineyards.

Natural Bridge Loop

The Natural Bridges path is a lovely two-mile round-trip trek that will take you to amazing limestone caverns that Coyote Creek has chiseled away.

2Hawk Vineyard & Winery

Enjoy a typical wine tasting experience here, where you can sample wines produced at the acclaimed wine estate and bottled there.

Howard Prairie Lake

Howard Prairie Lake is widely known for its breathtaking landscape, fishing, and boating activities.

Upper and Lower Table Rock

The Rogue Valley's Table Rocks, which are flat-topped remains of lava flows that filled the valleys, are one of the most well-liked hiking destinations.

Rogue River

This notable river was among the first to get the "Wild and Scenic" designation among American Rivers in 1968. This river, which is in southern Oregon, has a lot of fishing opportunities.

Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake is a popular summer and winter vacation spot where you can go hiking, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and more at any time of year.

EdenVale Winery

The 135-year-old heritage pear trees at EdenVale Winery, which also produces wines that have won international awards, are known for their hard cider.