The current waiting period for an appointment for Indian citizens applying for their first non-immigrant guest visa to the United States is two years.

According to the US State Department website, the waiting period in Delhi and Mumbai is currently 758 and 752 days, respectively.

According to the statistics, there were 581 and 517 days less of waiting time than a month earlier in Delhi and Mumbai, respectively.

After a total stoppage during the COVID-19 outbreak, visa processing had restarted. And now have lengthy wait times and enormous backlogs.

According to reports, things won't get better until next summer, when the US embassy in India is predicted to have all of its pre-COVID employees back.

However, the spokeswoman for the US Embassy stated that the US mission in India is working tirelessly to cut down on waiting periods for all visa classes globally.

He explained that the US administration is giving the national interest first priority and repeating the visit as part of this recovery.

The representative said that B1/B2 business and tourist visas are also being processed more quickly.

He promised that the US embassy in India will be quite near to fully staffed by next summer, which will dramatically shorten the time it takes to get a visa.

However, if reports are to be believed, the drop-box mechanism is functioning smoothly, therefore the delay is not for repeat visas to enter the United States.