Polk Museum of Art

The Polk Museum of Art is much more than just an art gallery thanks to its varied exhibition schedule, exciting event, and extensive educational offerings.

Hollis Garden

Located in Lakeland, Hollis Garden is a public botanical garden. It has 16 themed rooms that are separated by plants.

Joker Marchant Stadium

It bears Marcus "Joker" Marchant's name, a local native and former director of Lakeland Parks & Recreation. The Detroit Tigers' spring training facility located there.

Circle B Bar Reserve

More than 200 different bird species, including egrets, osprey, pelicans, snail kites, sandhill cranes, and more, call Circle B home. This is why birders and photographers like it.

Lake Mirror

There are great broad roads all around Lake Mirror and even steps that lead down to the water so you can sit. It is really a beautiful spot.

Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center

The most avant-garde, celebrated, and well-known architectural elements of Frank Lloyd Wright are admirably documented in this section.

Lakeland Antique Mall

This marketplace provides a wide variety of antiques and vintage things, from chic furniture to quirky collectibles.

Holloway Park

This sanctuary offers cross-country and day hiking paths, giving Lakeland a delightful taste of nature. Additionally, this park is home to a wide range of plants and animals.

Polk Theatre

The spectacular architecture and artistic ceilings, Venetian plaza and tall balconies of the Polk Theater will leave you stunned.

Lake Hollingsworth

350 acres of outdoor entertainment are available at this site, which is in the heart of Lakeland. This location has long been popular for events and social gatherings.

Munn Park Historic District

This park, which bears the name of Lakeland's founder, was recognized as a US Historic District in 1997. There are more than 40 antique structures scattered across the area.