Marietta (Georgia)

Marietta expanded fast from its 1830s courthouse and main plaza, even after the primary centre of the Western and Atlantic Railroad was moved to nearby Atlanta.

Ghosts of Marietta

Joining the Ghosts of Marietta Tour is a terrific way to get familiar with Marietta and discover its wealth of landmarks.

Cobb Museum of Art

The Cobb Museum of Art is housed in a stately Greek Revival structure that originally served as the city's principal post office and has a lofty portico of columns.

Marietta Confederate Cemetery

Around 3,000 soldiers who fought for the Confederacy—the'rebel' states that seceded from the Union—during the American Civil War are buried there.

Oakton House

The Oakton House was built in 1838, at the very beginning of the city's existence, and is the oldest continually occupied home in Marietta.

Farmers market

The Saturday morning farmers market in Marietta hosts roughly 50 different stalls every week and is open all year round.

Kennesaw Mountain

It is the highest point in the Atlanta metropolitan area, making it a desirable option for people seeking views of the surrounding area.

Strand Theatre

It is a rare example of an Art Deco structure from the city's construction era that was constructed in 1935 as a cinema complex.

Chattahoochee River

The Chattahoochee River is an important green space for both humans and native species that shouldn’t be missed when planning a trip to Marietta.

The Big Chicken

The Big Chicken is now so famous that it contains a gift shop, where you can purchase souvenirs including a board game and T shirts.