Clarksville, TN

Located less than an hour north of Nashville and less than 30 minutes south of the closest municipality in Kentucky, Clarksville is the fifth-largest city in Tennessee.

Dunbar Cave State Natural Area

Over the course of its more than 1,000-year existence, Dunbar Cave State Natural Area has witnessed everything. 

Civil War Park & Interpretive Center

Learn more about the significant role this fort played during the Civil War by visiting the interpretive center, which is situated on a mountaintop.


Here, your leashed dog is welcome to accompany you on the 1.7-mile promenade that follows the picturesque Cumberland River.

Roxy Regional Theatre

The Roxy Regional Theatre in Clarksville is a unique example of architecture. Don't skip a show at this fantastic local entertainment establishment.

Rotary Park

The 111-acre nature park known as Rotary Park is a playground with activities for all ages. 

Downtown Artists Co-op

You can get in touch with artists in Clarksville thanks to the Downtown Artists Co-op.

Clarksville Greenway

A growing network of recreational trails offering pursuits like jogging, hiking, bird viewing, nature research, fishing, picnics, and outdoor entertainment.

Art Class at Swirlz

Art Class at Swirlz

At Swirlz, leave your artistic stamp. Enroll in a class at Swirlz Art Studio if you've always wanted to take up a paintbrush.