Kovalam Village, Tamil Nadu

It has the most consistent waves, a noteworthy social surfing movement, and many of India's top surfers.

Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Perfect waves are produced in June and July, and they persist until the end of September.


From June to January, Pondicherry has a lengthy surfing season with waves that can reach 12 feet. Serenity Beach is the site of a large portion of the action.

Varkala, Kerala

One of best place for taking surfing lessons Seven days a week, surfing instruction are offered at the best locations that they check out first thing in the morning.

Little Andaman, Andaman Islands

The best waves are found around Butler Bay in the developing surf scene on Little Andaman Island (world class left-hand break).

Gokarna, Karnataka

From October to May, its calm beach breaks make it a wonderful site for beginners to learn to surf.

Mulki, Karnataka

The first surf school in India was located in the little village of Mulki, which is located about 30 minutes north of Mangalore.


 You'll have to make do with swells of about 2-3 feet once a week, with lots of partying in between. Seasonally, October through April.