Washington, DC

The Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building, the National Mall, and other memorials honoring veterans are all located in the nation's capital and are open to the public for free.

New Orleans, Louisiana

This city would meet your budget. It is well known for its Creole and Cajun food, jazz and brass bands, and historic architecture.

Kansas City, Missouri

The Crown Center in downtown Kansas City offers a wide variety of attractions for tourists to enjoy, including free public events, live music, and more.

Austin, Texas

Austin is a lovely city that has numerous free attractions, offers cheap accommodation alternatives, and has lot things to do for people of all ages.

Portland, Oregon

Many inexpensive or free attractions, including natural marvels, cultural events, and kid-friendly activities, may be found in Oregon's largest city.

Denver, Colorado

Due to its many free and affordable activities, as well as free public transportation in the downtown area, this city is a great choice for a low-cost weekend break.

St. Augustine, Florida

This little city is particularly rich in historic sites because it is the country's first permanent European settlement.

Atlanta, Georgia

Many historical landmarks, museums, and public events in Atlanta are absolutely free to attend, while many others just demand a little fee.

The White Mountains of New Hampshire

The White Mountains in northern New Hampshire are the crown jewels of the Granite State's outdoor recreation. Springtime is a more affordable time to visit.

Asheville, North Carolina

Due to the abundance of natural and cultural attractions, Asheville and the surrounding area provide numerous free and inexpensive activities to do.