The shares of the enormous social media corporation, now called as Meta Platforms (META), have fallen 58% this year, continuing its downward trend.

The organization has dropped out of the top tier of the most valuable businesses. It was the 11th most valuable firm in the world as of the most recent check.

Compare that to September 2021, when Zuckerberg's business had surpassed the immensely significant $1 trillion market value benchmark, or more specifically, $1.078 trillion.

Facebook intends to slash expenditures overall and jobs in particular to address these issues.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the company, faced with stagnant growth, aims to cut costs by at least 10% in the upcoming months.

Facebook is restructuring several areas and giving impacted staff little time to look for alternative jobs inside the organization, signaling the start of some downsizing. 

and where to reorganise teams while limiting damage to the long-term projects since many teams are going to downsize so we can move attention to other areas.

"This is a time that needs greater energy, and I want us to accomplish more with fewer resources," he continued. Many of our projects are presently through an increase in objectives process.

Previously difficult times have transformed our business and aided in the growth of our next generation of leaders. I anticipate that this time will be the same.