It is interesting to visit this former mission that has been turned into a fort. One may learn a lot about the Texas War of Independence against the Mexicans.

AT&T Center

Basketball fans should surely pay a visit to the "Spurs'" home court. The games and the tone of the class are excellent.

Discovery Trail

Discovery Trail is the shortest trail. It is designed to resemble a nature walk, complete with several signage’s that describe the area vegetation.

Mission San Francisco de la Espada

A terrific way to pass some time on a bike just north of San Antonio is the area's abundance of trails. Additionally, there are conveniences like public restrooms.

Mission San Juan Capristrano

The "Jewel of the California Missions," Mission San Juan Capistrano, attracts over 300,000 people annually and is known for the Annual Return of the Swallows.

Prickly Pear Cactus

One of the most common cacti in the southern United States is the prickly pear cactus. Even now, hikers may taste the ripe fruit that was formerly consumed by early inhabitants.

The Grotto

Carlos Cortés, a local artist, designed The Grotto. Root forms, faces, silhouettes, and bodies of actual and supernatural beings are depicted on the cave-like walls.

Downtown San Antonio

You must travel here to locate the numerous pubs, cafés, and eateries that line the lovely bridges that span the San Antonio River.

Main Loop

The Main Loop, which is approximately 2.7 kilometers long and 100 meters above sea level, travels through a variety of ecosystems on moderate to rocky terrain.

Alamo Mills Dam

The previous Alamo flour mill, which was situated on the opposite side of the river, required electricity, therefore this dam was constructed in 1883 to provide it.