Olympia, Washington

Olympia is a well-known, beautiful waterfront area and a charming old town. With temperatures seldom falling below freezing, Olympia's climate is very pleasant.

Percival Landing

A 3.4-acre public beachfront park called Percival Landing. Beautiful views of Olympia's shoreline may be seen at this public park.

Capitol Lake

A 260-acre lake known as Capitol Lake is situated beneath the Washington State Capitol. At the confluence of the Deschutes River and Puget Sound lies this man-made lake.

Olympic Flight Museum

Olympic Flight Museum is situated at At Olympia Airport. More than ten historic helicopters and planes are on show at the museum.

Columbus Park

The park has playgrounds for kids, picnic areas, camping areas, a scenic stream, a beach area with lush grass for sunbathing, and more.

Nisqually Wildlife Refugee

More than 275 different migratory bird species use the Nisqually Refuge for breeding, wintering, or migrating.

Washington State Capitol Building

The Legislative Building in Washington towers 287 feet. The towering white dome, which is the highest brick dome in North America.

Olympia Farmers Market

The Olympia Farmers Market is a thriving market with over 100 sellers and an estimated 400,000 visitors annually.

Downtown Historic District

A few streets north of the capital building lies Olympia's downtown historic area, where you may find restaurants and shops.

Capitol State Forest

It has a 110,000-acre size. It offers places to camp overnight, hiking trails, mountain biking, horseback riding at Mima Falls, and fish-spotting.