Beverly Hills, California

This metropolis is home to mega-mansions, celebrity sightings, and a high-end style that even radiates from the sidewalks.

Rodeo Drive

This opulent avenue is lined with renowned restaurants and shops, palm trees, and Bentleys parked right up against the curb.

Beverly Gardens Park

In close proximity to Santa Monica Boulevard, this 1.9-acre linear park runs from Wilshire Boulevard to North Doheny Drive.

Dining in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is highly recognised for its cuisine culture in addition to high fashion and luxury.

Greystone Mansion

Except for special events and private visits, Greystone's interior is typically off limits to the general public.

Franklin Canyon Park

Those who enjoy being in nature will appreciate this enormous area of open space in this otherwise crowded area of Los Angeles.

Wallis Annenberg Center

In the center of Beverly Hills, there is a top-notch entertainment venue called The Wallis. Beverly Gardens Park is across Santa Monica Boulevard from it.

Virginia Robinson Gardens

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is regarded as the first opulent estate in the city.

Will Rogers Memorial Park

The little park, which was built in 1912, has long been a favourite among families and a well-known tourist destination.

The Gottlieb Native Garden

On the one-acre private property of Susan and Dan Gottlieb, one of California's most renowned private gardens, The Gottlieb Native Garden, is located.