Savour this foggy land's beauty, which includes its hills and streams. sometimes referred to be "the Scotland of India".

Abbey Fall

It is surrounded by the lush vegetation of coffee farms and spice estates. It is endowed with breathtaking beauty and a tranquil atmosphere.

Omkareshwar Temple

Linga Rajendra constructed Madikeri's well-known Siva temple in 1820. The temple is built in combining Gothic and Islamic styles.

Harangi Dam

A well-liked picnic area, it is also suitable for family outings where one can unwind and enjoy some peaceful time with loved ones.

Tea Plantation

 Coorg has receive lot of rain. It is known for its areca nuts and pepper crops in addition to tea Gardens.

Dubare Elephant Camp

It gives visitors the chance to interact with elephants up close and partake in a variety of elephant-related activities.

Nisargdhama Forest Park

 An attractive natural backdrop is presented by this well-liked weekend retreat, where visitors may take in the sight of the River Kaveri.

Kotebetta Track

The summit is the ideal location for trekking. When you reach the summit, you are treated to a beautiful panorama of the surroundings.