Sheldon Jackson Museum

Located on College Drive, this little museum houses a collection of magnificent historical artifacts from Alaska, including totems, masks, baskets, and traditional clothes.

Sitka National Historical Park

About 20 totem poles and the stunning coastal rainforest are the park's primary draws, which you may explore on your own or with park rangers.

Fortress of the Bear

The castle of the bear, a rescue facility that offers shelter and care to abandoned and rescued bears, wants to inform its guests about these incredible animals.

Alaska Raptor Centre

A hospital and rescue facility for Bald Eagles that treats injured birds, releases them into the wild, and cares for those who can't.

St Michaels Cathedral

The first Orthodox cathedral in the New World is a Russian Orthodox Church located at Lincoln and Matsoutoff Streets in Sitka City.

Russian Bishops House

You may discover a lot about the intriguing history of the city and of all of Alaska at Russian Bishops House.

Sitka Sound Science Centre

The research and education efforts of the Sitka Sound Science Centre are focused on Alaska's terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Baranof Island Brewing Company

Home-made sitka beer can be enjoyed at this neighborhood microbrewery. This unfiltered recipe produces a great local flavored beer.

Herring Cove Trail

This stunning trek, one of Sitka's newest, follows a creek, past multiple waterfalls, and leads through old-growth forest.

Wildlife Boat Tour

Wildlife abounds in Alaska, and Sitka's vicinity is no exception. At the same time, it seeks to instruct tourists on how to watch animals.