San Mateo County History Museum

The museum offers a variety of displays that explore and illustrate how life was in San Mateo County in earlier decades.

Pulgas Water Temple

Pulgas Water Temple is a lovely landmark with a reflecting pool surrounded by cypress trees and grass meadows. William Merchant designed it in the Beaux Arts style.

Edgewood Park Natural Preserve

Edgewood County Park and Natural Preserve is a 467-acre protected park known for its spectacular wildflower displays each spring.

Pulgas Ridge Preserve

Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve is a modest, well-managed public and leisure park in the Santa Cruz Mountains featuring a huge off-leash dog area.

Fox Theater

There is space for 1,348 people on three storeys. The Fox Theater is a well-preserved community theater that also serves as a premier live performance and rental facility in Silicon Valley.

Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

The 3,137-acre park has over 10 miles of hiking and horseback riding paths and is home to a diverse range of animals including bobcats and a variety of bird species.

The Dragon Theater is a small community theater that hosts a variety of acts and shows, from comedies to tragedies and more.

The Dragon Theater

Bair Island

The islands not only have unique and gorgeous natural environment, but they also include luxury Villas residences with elegant Italian architecture.

La Honda Winery

La Honda Winery is a winery and vineyard operation. They are a small-lot agriculture and artisanal wine production boutique winery.

Phleger Estate

The Phleger Estate is a California park in San Mateo County. The Redwoods in the region were a significant source of lumber exports.