Avoid these travel destinations in monsoon or rainy season


Try to avoid visiting this tourist destination during the monsoon because landslides are extremely regular. Travelers are also at significant danger from floods brought on by intense rainfall and cloudbursts.

Himachal Pradesh

Avoid visiting Himachal Pradesh during the rainy season. Landslides and cloudbursts are likely. Continuous rain makes it difficult to achieve much outside.


A trip to Mumbai during the rainy season could not go well. Waterlogging is a frequent issue in Mumbai at this time.


Floods frequently occur in Chennai during the rainy season. You might have to be confined to the hotel room as a result.


In Assam, thunderstorms known as Bordoicila frequently produce severe rainfall that blocks most of the roads. Heavy rainstorms frequently cause landslides, flooding, and substantial waterlogging.


The risk of flooding is already great in Orissa, and it increases during the monsoon.


Darjeeling is a stunning location, but when it rains a lot, there are major roadblocks. It is useless to visit the area during the rain since this lessens the enjoyment of the area's picturesque tourist features.


Even though Sikkim's natural beauty draws everyone, the monsoon is not the best season to travel to this north-eastern state since the rains make the roads dangerous to travel on.